The Benefits of New Teeth in a Day

new teeth in a day

The “new teeth in a day” technology, also called “teeth-in-a-day,” promises the replacement of a single tooth or an arch of artificial teeth in only a single visit to the doctor. Of course, this is only a temporary prosthesis, but for the patient, it means that they won’t have to go through any more days with edentulism (missing teeth). 

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the major benefits that this technology can provide us. We have also provided a list of potential things that the patient will need to consider before opting for this treatment.

What Exactly Are Teeth-in-a-Day?

The teeth-in-a-day implants have become a sensation in the field of dental implants as more and more patients and dentists are coming to trust the stability and security that this treatment offers. This technique is described as the immediate placement of a singular artificial tooth or an arch of teeth in a single day, during only one visit to the dentist. 

This treatment is made possible due to the scientific accuracy of diagnostic technology such as X-rays and CBCT scans as well as surgical navigation technology like computer-assisted tech. In traditional surgeries, there used to be a certain risk of human-level errors, as we are not capable of determining very precise micro-calculations in such a short period of time. Gradual upgrades in technology have changed this for the better as we can now place absolute trust in the scientific accuracy and efficiency of scanning and navigation technology, making an immediate replacement of missing teeth possible.

Things to Consider When Getting New Teeth In A Day

As sensational as this technology is, the potential client should factor in some valuable information that deserves consideration.

Skill and Credentials of the Dentist

This treatment heavily depends on the skill of the dentist and requires the deft hand of a professional who has had extensive experience in the immediate placement of dental implants. It is important during the consultation to ask the dentist about their credentials and ask them about their level of experience as this is a pretty significant determining factor in mitigating the chance of a failed dental implant.

Sufficient Bone Quality

For the bone in the body to sustain such a drastic change to itself, as well as to provide a sufficient level of retentive strength to the prosthesis, it’s required for the patient to have a good quality and density of bone. The dentists may recommend first getting the bone to a required level of quality through a bone transplant method, known as bone-grafting, or will recommend a different type of dental implant technique known as zygomatic implants, where instead of using the jawbone as the base, the implant will derive its strength from the density of the cheekbone.

Good Gum Health

A satisfactory level of gum health is also important for this procedure, as a diminished quality of gum can make way for more infections, as the bacteria isn’t being properly dealt with. Dentists advise patients to practice good oral care, such as brushing, flossing, etc.

Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day Implants

There are a number of advantages that the ‘Teeth in a day’ technique offers that the patient can benefit from the get-go. These are brief general descriptions of some of the advantages that can apply to everyone that is suitable for the treatment. A consultation with a qualified dentist can inform you of even more particular and unique benefits that you can receive from this treatment if you choose it.

Help In Prevention Of Bone Loss

Patients who are undergoing persistent tooth loss suffer from a lack of stimulation in the sockets of missing teeth that have been damaged due to trauma or aging. The tooth socket can possibly shrink and due to this, it lowers the density of the bone in that area. Dental implants can lower this discomfort and be a significant force in the restoration of the stimulation in the socket and thus in the prevention of any more bone loss from happening. 

Immediate Placement

The most remarkable benefit of teeth-in-a-day implants is the exciting possibility of having the implants placed inside the mouth during a singular visit to the dentist’s office. Although these implants will be only temporary ones, placeholders for the final permanent teeth, they will allow the patient to eat and speak with minimal disruption, an immense upgrade from edentulism. Due to this drastically expedient solution, patients can save huge amounts of time and money that might be spent on frequent visits to the dentist.

Natural And Realistic Look

A team of highly qualified technicians will have worked hard to make your artificial tooth resemble very nearly the same colors, contours, and shapes of how your natural teeth were. This is made possible due to the highly advanced technology and material that is used in this process. 

Dentists might take highly accurate impressions of your mouth using scanning technology such as X-ray and CBCT scans to get an idea of the shape of your teeth among various other aesthetic factors. In some cases, it is even common to make 3-D printed prototypes or final restorations, enhancing the accuracy and fit of the implants. Due to this level of professional care and attention, the implants will take on an appearance just like your natural teeth.

New Teeth In A Day Are Stable And Secure

The teeth-in-a-day implants offer a level of stability and security that only modern dental technology can provide, due to the use of advanced placement strategies that dentists have developed over the years which has also been scientifically proven to increase satisfaction in patients as well as their feeling of the implant’s firmness.  


In this blog, we briefly discussed all the main benefits of Teeth-in-a-day implants. We also provided a description of this treatment as well as things that the patient should consider before opting for it.

If you are seeking further information about Teeth-in-a-day implants or just want a consultation with highly skilled professionals who can guide you throughout the whole process, feel free to visit the West Hills Implant Clinic or contact us today to book your free consultation! Schedule your consultation today and begin a worthwhile journey towards better oral health!

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